Montreal Bike Paths

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Montreal has an extensive network for cyclists. The bikeways are classified according to the level of the road sharing with cars : shared lane, adjacent lane on the same road (bike lanes) and bike path.

Shared street

The road is designated a street shared by cyclists and cars where motorized traffic is not too intense. Often, the designated roadway has no special laying out, but it is indicated by a sign or marking.

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Bike lane

The bike lane is set up at the right of traffic lanes. It is bounded by a line of separation or color coating, and identified by a sign and a lane marking. Most of the time, cyclists will travel in the same direction as the adjacent car lanes, but there are some bike lanes in the opposite.

For the comfort and safety of cyclists, the bike lane is forbidden to cars, though they may cross the line to go parking. Cyclists can leave the bike lane to bypass an obstacle or turn left.

The bike lanes are open year round and plowed in winter, along with the rest of the street.

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Bike path

The bike path is a path physically separated from car's traffic. There are different forms of bicycle paths, depending on the environment.

Street bike path

Set up directly on the street, it is separated from car lanes by a physical element : wall, embankment, delineators (tag road).

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Bicycle path on sidewalk

Separated from the street by a drop, it is provided between the carriageway and the section of sidewalk for pedestrians, and bounded by a marking or a different coating.

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